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i wrote this a few months ago. i'd like to resurrect it so people are reminded that Michelle and many like her are out there needing your help. since i've written this, Michelle has had a procedure done and though things were looking up for awhile, her blood counts have once again dipped to a bad place. her family and friends surround her with their love and support but she still needs YOU to go out there and register to be a marrow donor. YOU could be the one that can save her life. read below...
recently i've been trying to figure out my passion. who/what/where God has given me an extra burden for. it's been hard for me to figure out though because i have a lot of different interests in lots of different areas.

in 2004, i ran a marathon and trained with Team In Training (TNT), an organization related to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. each runner raised funds for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma research and patient services. it was one of the greatest experiences of my life not only because i did something i've always wanted to do (i.e. run a marathon) but more so, because i was inspired by the strength of those who have blood cancers. it was amazing to see their ability to push and persevere through lifes challenges.

there has been a recurring theme in what my heart hurts for. it seems God has given me an extra burden for those who have cancer.

in may 2008, i was made aware of a young woman named michelle. in feb 2007, she was diagnosed with leukemia. she went through chemo and went into a state of remission. in may 2008, she relapsed. she has a team of people trying to find her a match by setting up drives around the U.S.

i was unsuccessful in setting up a drive but my heart deeply believes that each individual person willing to become registered as a marrow donor increases michelle's (and many others) chances for finding a match. if you have not registered at the national marrow donor program, please take a look at their website and consider if you would 1. register and 2. be a committed donor should you be a match for someone.

and if you need some added motivation, here's her story:

i find that it's often very easy to hear about these things and continue to mosey on with your own life. don't let that be an excuse. it's too easy and it's just such a waste. registering with the NMDP is a simple cotton swab to the four quadrants of your cheeks. there is no blood drawn. i'm sure if you are a match, it will not be as simple or as easy but the knowledge that you are able to help someone else far outweighs it all.

there are so many people who need your help. step up and see how you can make a difference for someone.