the art of {faith as small as a mustardseed}

i got a job! :)

after searching for an art therapy related job for about 1yr & 8months, i finally received a call from HR at maimonides medical center on tuesday offering me a child life position! :) i am thrilled not only because i have finally secured a job but because for many other reasons as well!

while i was job searching, i was also soul searching. i often asked the question, 'where is God leading me? what does He want me to do? who has He given me a heart for?' obviously that answer did not come quickly or easily but i made a list of the things i have a passion for, believing that many of these are from Him. here they are: fitness, health/nutrition, therapy, being creative, working with medically ill vs. mentally ill, a more 'normal' daily work schedule.

this new position {and i KNOW it won't in any way be perfect} really fits the bill. i will be working at a hospital with medically ill children. the schedule is awesome! no late nights which was always one of the most hated things abt my old job. i will also re-begin accruing my hrs for licensure - a humongous blessing of this job.

i truly feel thankful to be able to sit back and see God do His work in my life and in the way things panned out. of course i didn't just sit and do nothing! i don't believe in that. i job searched, applied to probably a thousand jobs, learned to wait, heard nothing, interviewed a handful of times, was rejected numerous times, to finally land {here}. happy {here}. :)

i will begin this position in a couple of weeks! eeek. i'm excited but definitely nervous too. a new job is a challenge - learning how to do the job well, mtg new people, an unknown environment, etc...

soon after i was offered this position, the hubby and i decided that we must take a final trip to relax and play before i start. last night we booked a flight to los cabos! :) i've never been there but have heard wonderfully beautiful things about it. for the first time in my life, i'm going to mexico and will be staying at an all inclusive resort/hotel place where food and drinks are included! there's a fitness center, many pools, some tennis courts... even table tennis! :) we're pretty psyched. the hubby hasn't been able to fall asleep for a couple of nights in a row because he's so excited. :) hehe... i, on the other hand, have had to wake up earlier than usual this past week which has led me to sleep rather soundly each night since i'm so zonked!

we also plan on bringing a few good books on this vacay. a sweet friend recently lent me a thousand splendid suns which i am hooked to. the story is definitely sad but it is written very well. grabbing at me and making me not want to put the book down. the hubby is reading the color of water which i passed along to him after reading it and just absolutely loving the story and the writing style.

this past year and 8months has definitely been a time of waiting. of believing that God has something great for me. i never doubted it though there were times when i felt discouraged. i am thankful that God has given me a lot of faith in Him - mostly grown through past difficult experiences and struggles. it is good to be at this place with Him. hopefully this is encouraging to you. He will not leave you either. He is faithful. if life has thrown you sour lemons for some reason, believe that He has all authority and power to teach you how to make some awesome lemonade.


{tgif feature and giveaway} Dongedyframe

this friday, we have the pleasure of featuring a very very new Etsy artist, Dongedyframe.

"I'm a french photographer. I like to mix pictures and photos with digital effects to breathe new life into my artwork. Part of my work is to create mini-universes..."

"It took a long time for me to find a place where the imaginary could meet the reality. But I found it : this is a new universe where miniature objects add something surreal to everyday items. I'm fond of those cutesy characters and I'm proud that people have fun with those pictures. While sadness and troubles are surrounding us, I try to ignite this little candle of joy and make people smile...this is both my present to you and when successful, my reward..."

Dongedyframe is offering a fun little giveaway!
to enter:
take a look in
Dongedyframe and in my shop. comment on what your favorite item from each shop is. that's one entry! :)

for additional entries, follow my blog, become a fan of my Facebook page (where you will be the first to learn of special discounts and updates), post about this giveaway on your blog, twitter about this giveaway or buy something from either of our shops. :) the last gains you 5 extra entries! make sure to leave a comment with what you've done. there is no limit so leave as many comments as you wish! also, leave your contact info as you'll definitely want to be contacted if you're the winner!

giveaway runs til tuesday july 14th at 11.59pm.

{winner} of last week's giveaway is oceanside creations. congrat's!!! :) the featured artist and giveaway provider has been informed and will contact you shortly. blessings!