the power of {prayer}

i've spoken to you about michelle in the past. michelle is 27 and has been battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia for the past 2+ yrs. she did go into remission once but unfortunately, it did not last. her story has truly touched my heart. please continue to {pray} on her behalf. she has not been doing well. after an initially promising stem cell transplant in seattle a couple months back, her condition declined. currently, they are trying last efforts by seeing an eastern herbal medicine man. please {pray} for her. here is her story, updated by herself, her husband and sometimes friends.

this morning i also learned of a little girl named kate mcrae, 5 yrs old, who was diagnosed this past monday with a brain tumor. aaron (her father) was the assistant pastor at the chicago church that my sister and BIL attended while they were there for 2 years. she is undergoing brain surgery RIGHT NOW. please watch this youtube video and {pray} for her and her family.

prayer is extremely powerful and i believe in His supernatural miraculous healing. please make a choice right now to {pray}.

TGIF feature and GIVEAWAY :: CourtneyLeigh405

{courtney leigh} says, "I can't remember a time when I didn't own a camera. My first was a plastic 110 film camera that my Grandma gave me when I was little. I'd take pictures of my family, pets, even the empty field next to our house. That childhooh interest has turned into a passion for photography that I can't shake. I stumbled upon Etsy recently and realized that it would be such a great opportunity to share my photography with others. So far, it has been a really positive experience."

"My strongest passion is, of course, photography. It is my way to translate how I see the world. My passion for the world is to encourage others to see how beautiful even the littlest things can be. Perhaps we would all appreciate each other and our world just a little bit more if everyone saw more beauty in their lives."

she is offering a lovely giveaway. {2} 5x5 photograph prints!

to enter:
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for additional entries, follow my blog, become a fan of my Facebook page (where you will be the first to learn of special discounts and updates), post about this giveaway on your blog, twitter about this giveaway or buy something from either of our shops. :) the last gains you 5 extra entries! make sure to leave a comment with what you've done. the sky is the limit! also, leave your contact info as you'll definitely want to be contacted if you're the winner!

giveaway runs til tuesday july 7th at 11.59pm.


{my shop} welcome the newbies

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{skype} baby banter

{winner} wednesday

congratulations! the winner of the giveaway is #3 citycreations! :) she provided a giveaway 2 weeks ago and is now the blessed winner chosen by random.org. enjoy the vintage-esque ring!

tune in! this Friday we'll be featuring another artist and providing another giveaway! :)


{toothless} tuesday


{busy as a bee} i have been

hi all! i have been somewhat MIA due to many fun filled activities. sorry to have neglected you! here is my update filled with photos and chatter from moi. :)

my sister, BIL and baby (my adorable nephew!!!) visited NYC for a week. they had a wedding to attend and that meant me and the hubby reaped the benefits of housing them and seeing them 24/7. i was so happy! holding my nephew, rocking him to sleep, feeding him, seeing his cute chubbiness all day -- i just loved it all. God really did create babies so cute so that people naturally want to take care of them. they're completely helpless, especially at the young age of 2.5 months. seeing my sister all the time also really blessed my heart and gave me such the lift! after one week here, i flew back with them because the hubby and i had a wedding out in Calif that following weekend! it was so wonderful to have the freedom to spend 2 full weeks with them all.

we went to central park a few times... oh, how i love my sis. :)

at the wedding we attended...

this past weekend, we went hiking at breakneck ridge. this trail is accessible by the metro-north rail, which is awesome for all of us who don't have cars. :) 76 minutes after leaving Grand Central, we were in upstate New York not far from where we began our hike. i love hiking, particularly when it's filled with climbing up boulders. lots of fun indeed!

since school has ended, i've been trying to add more items to my shop! come by and take a look. here are some teasers to draw you in! :) come in! come in!