{busy as a bee} i have been

hi all! i have been somewhat MIA due to many fun filled activities. sorry to have neglected you! here is my update filled with photos and chatter from moi. :)

my sister, BIL and baby (my adorable nephew!!!) visited NYC for a week. they had a wedding to attend and that meant me and the hubby reaped the benefits of housing them and seeing them 24/7. i was so happy! holding my nephew, rocking him to sleep, feeding him, seeing his cute chubbiness all day -- i just loved it all. God really did create babies so cute so that people naturally want to take care of them. they're completely helpless, especially at the young age of 2.5 months. seeing my sister all the time also really blessed my heart and gave me such the lift! after one week here, i flew back with them because the hubby and i had a wedding out in Calif that following weekend! it was so wonderful to have the freedom to spend 2 full weeks with them all.

we went to central park a few times... oh, how i love my sis. :)

at the wedding we attended...

this past weekend, we went hiking at breakneck ridge. this trail is accessible by the metro-north rail, which is awesome for all of us who don't have cars. :) 76 minutes after leaving Grand Central, we were in upstate New York not far from where we began our hike. i love hiking, particularly when it's filled with climbing up boulders. lots of fun indeed!

since school has ended, i've been trying to add more items to my shop! come by and take a look. here are some teasers to draw you in! :) come in! come in!


2Thinks said...

I have just found your blog through My not so hurried life..., Jennifer's blog. The baby is soooo cute. I know what you mean about sisters. I love my sisters so much, too and love to spend time with them. One of my sons has recently gone to CA to make his way in the world and my other son is taking youth on weeklong hikes in the mountains of New York through a Christian youth camp there. So, I was reminded of many good things by reading this post.

Come visit me!

Marbella Designs said...

your nephew is so cute! how wonderful that you have had that time together.
your new pieces look beautiful!

Calvin said...

a fanciful post indeed!

Anonymous said...

How adorable is he?!?! Awwwww