pregnancy has been...

an interesting adventure thus far.

the good:
seeing baby on the ultrasound. hearing the heartbeat. feeling the baby kicking. watching hubby sing to my belly. eating more. anticipation of each little change that is to come.

the not-so-good:
feeling exhausted most of the time. lowered immune system leading me to be more sick than i have been in the last 2 years. inability to sleep through the night. 

of course the good outweighs (far outweights) the not-so-good. what a miracle conception and development is. to see the small embryo become a fetus and eventually become our baby is something almost unbelievable. i am reminded of God. He created all of this. how conception works, the perfection of a developing fetus, the amazing ability of a woman's body to give birth.... it is all 'unbelievably' amazing.