getting there.... week 35

we've hit week 35. it's really fun as baby is getting bigger by the day. as you can see by the photo above, the belly is stretching and expanding. she no longer gives those swift kicks that signified her presence. now she squirms and slides under my belly because space is a rare commodity. kind of like prime real estate in nyc. :) i wish i knew how to upload a video. i've got a great one of baby gliding across my belly. it's a bit alien-esque and some find it weird/creepy but i love it!

the second photo is of a yummy panini meal at a cute little place called fig + olive. we went there when my sister came into town to surprise me for my baby shower. and what a surprise it was... seeing her brought quite the delight and it made a fun day even more special. i always say this but sisters should always live within at least 1 mile of each other. not this nonsense of opposite coasts.

my etsy boutique has been placed quite on the back burner - not so much because of the preggo-cy but more so because of the job i started back in august 09. i guess the new job in addition to the 1st trimester comatose exhaustion didn't bring about inspiration and creativity. we'll see what happens when baby arrives. i am still creating custom requested pieces so if you are interested, please don't be deterred! :) just contact me by going to the "my shop" link to the right. :)