{week 24}

today marks baby week 24! at this point, baby is just over 1 pound and is almost 12 inches long! she's pretty lean but will apparently be plumping up soon. :) her brain is growing quickly now and her lungs are growing the respiratory branches. yay! my uterus is now the size of a soccer ball. wow. :) as you can see from the photo, the belly has grown!

baby girl is kicking up a storm. it brings such relief to me as when she kicks, i know she's doing well inside. this past week, we also booked our babymoon. where are we going you wonder? BARCELONA!!! :) i'm so excited to head out to europe again. my first and last time to europe was our honeymoon to greece. and it was absolutely amazing. this time around, we'll see beautiful architecture, lovely museums, and eat wonderfully tasty eats. mmm!

on monday, we see the doctor again and i take the glucose screening test. hopefully, all test results will come back negative and i will continue positively down this journey of pregnancy!

blessings and happy new year! what a year 2010 will be. :)