beet slaw and {week 26}

the hubby made a wonderful beet slaw. about 2 weeks ago, we had our first CSA pick up. CSA stands for community shared agriculture. it allows us to support a local farm while providing us some fresh produce and healthier eats. in our first pick up (it was a double pickup because December's pickup was canceled), we received 4 dozen eggs (that's a lot o'eggs. good thing protein is great for baby!), and a humongous batch of parsnips, turnips, carrots, beets, onions, and cabbage. :) we also got 2 pints of milk. everything is so fresh - it's been fun to try different recipes.

which brings me back to the slaw. he looked up a recipe and whipped up an amazingly tasty slaw. tonight i'm broiling salmon with some brown rice and shall gobble down some slaw too! :) thank you honey!

as for the preggo-ness, i am indeed pregnant! you know you're officially pregnant when people on the subway jump up and offer their seat - 3 people within 2 stops! it's a bit scary how quickly the belly has grown in the past 3 weeks. i know that it will continue to do so but i don't think i was quite ready for the speed at which it would grow. i'll have to take a photo so you can all see baby! :) i love watching my belly move around in quick twitches as baby kicks and punches. i love touching my belly and feeling certain hard round spots which i figure must be her head or her bum. :) it makes me feel so close to her! as if, i can almost touch her. :)

i wouldn't say i've begun nesting yet but we did have to purchase certain items - i.e. the crib and her baby dresser... soon, we'll be assembling it all and making room for baby. it's been weird to have so many changes but i guess that's when i'm thankful for a 10 month time frame to work within. if being preggo was only a 2-3 month affair, i don't think i'd be able to adjust! :) God knows what He's doing. :)