You are THREE

SP turned 3 last Saturday! Unbelievable how fast the time went. I made a dress for her to commemorate the occasion. :) Thank you SHY for walking me through it!

We enjoyed the day by going w a friend and her 3 yr old to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, saw some pretty cherry blossoms, got yelled at for having a picnic blanket on the grass and for eating food from "the outside", mosy'ed on over to the Prospect Park Zoo and saw lots of fun animals. SP kept asking to see the kangaroo and then was super disappointed when we finally did because the kangaroo was too far away to really get a good glimpse. It's hard for a kid to understand why she can't go inside the roped off area. I tried.

After a full day we headed back home and she chose qdoba for her birthday dinner. They have a great kids meal. :)

This Saturday she'll celebrate her birthday w some of her friends at the local Y. A room w her friends, toys, and cupcakes should make for a very happy SP.

At three, you love singing songs (current favorite is "ring around the rosey" since you sing it weekly in swim class), voicing your opinions, eating all sorts of different foods, hugging didi, reading books, saying you want "E" in your name (thus, Sophie), helping Momma around the apt, playing w play-doh, and doing the opposite of what we ask.

I'm very thankful for our "village" of aiyi's and soosoo's who have watched her grow and experienced her life w us thus far. Please stay near us! We need all the eyes to help watch and hands to help guide our little miss. (And now our little man too.)