sick sophia

sophia woke up this evening crying. our philosophy is to leave her because she knows how to soothe herself. after a little while, she was still crying somewhat hard which is unusual for her. i decided to go in and our poor sweet pea had snot running down her nose and had spit up on her arm and the crib sheet. i felt so bad having waited so long. note to self: trust my instincts. if i had, i would've gone in much earlier and she wouldn't have had to smell her own nastiness with snot running out of her nose. my poor baby.

in better thoughts: sophia is blossoming. in just one week, she went from only knowing how to push herself backwards to dragging her body forwards with mostly the use of her arms and some legs. she has also become much better at standing while holding onto something. all very adorable for parents to witness. she is also getting her 7th tooth which is likely the reason for the running nose.

sophia at 10 months
much to our delight, sophia is finally standing with her feet securely on the ground.
previously, she only stepped on her tippy tippy toes. :) cute but not practical.