review and discount code! {the fresh stitch}

i first found corinne at the fresh stitch by search for baby related products on etsy. how delighted i was when i clicked into her etsy shop! i was greeted with quite the visual... adorable (and some eco-friendly and organic) fabrics that made up a variety of great looking bibs, burp cloths, minky blankets, embellished onesies and more. i was addicted and looked at nearly everything in her shop. :)

after starting up a conversation, corinne generously mailed me this beautiful bib and burp cloth set since i had mentioned to her that my sweet baby girl is quite the spitter upper. the green leaf fabric is 60% cotton and 40% bamboo poplin and the reverse side is 100% certified organic french terry. isn't it pretty?

i was delighted when i received it. the package was so thoughtfully put together (i could easily have given this as a gift!), the product looked amazing (sewn so perfectly. believe me, i examined it!) and felt so so soft to the touch, but i still wondered how it would hold up under sophia's, at times, messy dribble and massive spit up. the answer? BEAUTIFULLY!

first the hubby tested out the bib when he did his once a night bottle feed. many other bibs that we have get totally sopped and instead of keeping the milk dribble off sophia, the end result is a wet disaster. {note how she's now naked when feeding from the bottle!} not so with this bib! i loved it. baby remained dry and the bib was somewhat damp but not even completely sopping wet. i didn't know how corinne did it until she mentioned the layer of cotton batting inside the bib. she's a genius! :)

sophia looks kind of serious here but she's really thanking corinne for making a bib that has kept her dry! {"thank you!"}

now to the burp cloth. corinne is accurate in saying that this burp cloth has a variety of uses. she writes, "this burp cloth wipes up any mess resulting from spit up, vomit, baby food, milk, diaper changes and can also function as an over-sized wash cloth!" it's true. i've used it while burping baby (works well so long as she doesn't completely spit up her entire meal -- for those instances, i'd use the fresh stitches cloth diaper variety which is 6-ply. talk about absorbent!) and while baby is on her activity mat (another great use since sophia tends to drool when on tummy time.)

look at that neck strength! :) yay for sophia!

all in all, i just love this etsy shop and owner. aside from the many different adorable/cute/fun choices and products, corinne was so kind and easy to converse with. i always love 'meeting' the face behind a product i love. it's particularly refreshing when that person is so open and friendly!

what's in it for you?
corinne at the fresh stitch is generously offering 10% off to my readers for the month of august. simply write MUSTARDSEED10 in a conversation to corinne prior to the sale for a reserved listing or write it in the 'note from buyer' section at checkout and corinne will refund your paypal.

thank you corinne for sending us the bib and burp cloth. you really do make such wonderful things and we'll be back for more!