diaper bag {genius}

it's hard to find a good diaper bag. as i searched for the 'perfect' one and wasn't able to find it, i gave up. thankfully when baby came, the hospital gave us a similac diaper bag on our discharge. it was great! it came in an urban and simple across your chest backpack form with just enough space for the changing pad, numerous diapers/wipes/buttpaste, change of clothes, a couple of burp clothes and a swaddle blanket. we were even able to stuff a few other things in there when needed. that took care of the functional aspect, but what about fashion? i was still searching.

one day i stumbled upon babyeverafter {aka. hot mama handbags}. this etsy shop sells handbags that can also be used as diaper bags. or maybe it's better described as diaper bags that can also be used as handbags. in any case, i was so excited because the prints and patterns of the fabrics are so very cute. after hemming and hawing and saving up some money, i purchased one.

today i received it and i just love it! first, the owner, maranda lee has great customer service. she had so many conversations with me as i considered and re-considered and requested some changes, etc. i was very thankful for her willingness to talk with me through some thoughts and to answer questions i had.

now to the bag. it is very well made, the fabric is beautiful and it's an easy bag to pair with many different things. the pockets come very much so in handy whether i want to put diapers or a bottle or anything else. the little compartments help me easily find things. there's even a key hook so i won't need to be rummaging around to find my keys. i highly recommend this bag for diaper bag/baby needs and/or for just plain pretty handbag needs. :D p.s. isn't my bag pretty?