hello little pumpkin

i have some exciting news to share. i'm preggo! :) i'm at 13+ weeks which means i'm done with the 1st trimester. yay! it was filled with awe and excitement as well as much (MUCH) fatigue and uncomfortable nausea. the hubby says he sees more energy in me which is def a good thing.

we weren't trying, per say, but we were open to start trying in dec/jan so only off by 6 months. i feel so thankful that baby was created and has developed almost everything he/she will need for the future already... now for 6 months of maturing and continual developing. 

we found out at 5 wks and saw a tiny little dot on the sonogram. then 7 wks came and went with the sonogram showing a bigger dot and a yolk sac which is a dot resembling a small ring. at 9 wks, baby had a beating heart. :) and at 12 wks, we saw baby's big head and turkey-like torso. we heard the heartbeat and were told that things appear 'good' with baby. that is music to the ears of to-be parents.

being preggo has def brought lots of unexpectedness. in experiencing my own adventure, i realize that each mom to-be and dad to-be has their own special story. at 5 wks, the doctor felt we should be at 7 wks and didn't appear too confident in baby's viability because of how small baby was. also, my progesterone levels were too low so i was put on prometrium supplements. 2x a day for the next 7 wks. i was surprised how i could remember to take these pills every 9am and 9pm. i guess when it matters, it's easy to remember. 

each doctor's appointment brought hopes that baby had grown appropriately. you can imagine the excitement in seeing the heartbeat. it was a gray fuzzy beating little thing on the sonogram screen. :) i also didn't anticipate the extreme fatigue. the lazy lay on your butt all day long kind of fatigue. i thought i would never come out of it; though friends advised me that the fatigue does pass... 

now, we're past the 1st trimester, we saw and heard the heartbeat, and the belly is beginning to protrude a little. 

the less spoken part of being pregnant includes the nerves and anxiety related to the perception of how baby is doing. i realized early on the need to let go and really trust that God has it all under control. 

like this issue. to get or not to get vaccinated. at first i was mandated to get both the flu vaccine and the h1n1 vaccine as i am a hospital worker. but that ruling just got overturned in the NYS courts, so now it's really up to me. i've never gotten the flu vaccine which brings me concern. what if i have some majorly horrible reaction? and the h1n1 vaccine. that is a whole different story. it's such a new vaccine and no one really knows the long term effects. but then again, if i get the h1n1 flu, that can bring very serious consequences to not only me, but definitely baby. sigh... decision making for more than just me. that is very scary. what would you do if you were pregnant?

as wedding planning sheds light into marriage; it appears that being pregnant is appropriately the start of becoming a parent. baby is in good hands and i need to remember that.

that's the story thus far. :)