work. life. time.

work has been zapping all my energy so i have little left to do anything post work. my work isn't all that stressful or energy consuming - i guess it's just the natural 'getting back into the swing of things' feeling i'm experiencing.

working in a hospital has been interesting. i find myself washing my hands SO OFTEN which i know is good and important but i also find myself getting a bit anal. worried about catching germs. i certainly don't want to bring anything viral back home so i guess being anal about this is okay.

aside from work, the hubby and i went to governor's island last sat. it was fun to trek out to a new land - via a free ferry and explore the grounds. i was too tired so i rested on a chair while the hubby ran around looking at barricks and the such. boys will always be boys. :)

on monday night, the hubby and i went out to flushing for our annual trip to the US Open. i don't go to many sporting events (whose got the money to these days?) but i do so love the US Open. it's filled with energy and life and the night session matches are exciting. this year was the first time we left a bit early because i am now a working gal and needed to get my rest.

starting next monday, i start my other PT job at the private school. i'm teaching 2 classes - one with crochet, sewing and jewelry making and the other with sock monkeys. fun right? :) i'm a bit worried at how i'll manage everything but i'm hoping that i can do it once i get myself organized. 

i've been praying a lot more which has been really nice. i have a 1 hr commute to work and instead of sleeping the whole way, i've been reading the Bible and then writing in my prayer journal. it's been so nice to have a moment to spend with God and try to hear Him more. it's been a long while since i've been consistent in my time with Him and i'm really glad that i have the 'excuse' of a long commute. i hope to experience and hear God more as i try to dedicate each morning with Him. 

hopefully more jewelry to come - but seriously, i'm so pooped these days. it's been really hard to get myself motivated to do more 'work' post work. 

good night everyone! time for this one to sleep...