operation : revamped ::

the husband and i just shifted everything around in our little studio. :) it sounds like a somewhat easy task but even a small studio can be a bit cluttered. we're so happy with the result; it was def worth the 4-6hr task. :) now we're all showered and cleaned. happily just filled our tummies with blue chips. mmm. and just about ready for bed! i'll hopefully get some pics up of our new set-up soon...

sorry to be neglecting my blog and readers this past week and a half. i've been meaning to write- really! it just hasn't happened. :P

i had 2 interviews in the last week. one at safe horizon as a social worker/counselor and the other at maimonides medical center as a child life specialist. i feel a better fit and more passion for the maimonides position. that would explain my not deflated feeling when i received a letter from safe horizon stating that i would not be offered the position. i'm still pretty hopeful about the maimonides one. please pray for me!

i've also been making some more jewelry. i've got a pre-summer sale right now. 10% off all items! i can't have a sale without adding more items, right? :) i plan on making some more tomorrow and bringing them over into my shop! here are some eye-teasers for ya... :) come on by to purchase your own unique pretties. don't be shy now! :D