week 31.5 ::

baby is about 3.25 lbs and 16 inches long. :) she's heading into a growth spurt and i should be gaining 1 lb per week - half of that going to baby's overall weight. wow! 

in other news, my friend is in labor RIGHT NOW! if you're reading this, please say a prayer for her contractions to move along productively and for labor to progress as naturally as possible. it must be because i am heading down this path myself, but i am jumping up and down inside with excitement and some apprehension! when it's my turn, i better keep the adrenaline at bay so the oxytocin can come forth and do its very important work.


{all things baby} almost there!

we are at week 31.5 and baby belly is growing by the day. it's been exciting to experience the changes, feel baby's growing jabs and kicks, see the hubby talk & sing to baby, etc. it's a bit surreal that soon we'll be at full term, which means baby can come at any point around or after that. wowee!

our babymoon was wonderful. we went to barcelona, spain and walked so much that despite eating nearly everything in sight, i actually lost 2 lbs! of course, one week back in new york with our typical work routine and i gained it all back. :) some photos for those of you who are visual.
once we returned, we made sure to get moving with setting up baby's alcove space. we received tons of hand me down clothing from fellow sisters at church {who recently had baby gals}. God has completely provided and we feel utterly blessed. :) again, some photos since those are so so fun. :)

so, we've been pretty busy while also trying to make the most of our time before we become mommy and daddy. i shall update again soon! :) ciao for now! blessings...