you are one.

dear sophia,
you turned 1 yesterday! :) time has really flown by just as everyone said it would.

we were so happy to finally meet you!
i look at you and marvel at who you have become. sounds silly since you've only turned 1 but you've changed so much. in the beginning, you were so little (2 days past term and at a teeny 5lbs 11oz) and completely dependent on us. you looked like daddy, slept super well, nursed ok (though i thought 'never enough'), enjoyed observing everyone and were super mellow. in the early months, you made 'dinosaur' squeaks, slept with your hands in mid-air, spit up A LOT (sad), and often smiled in your sleep. your chubbiest ever was at 2 months when you were a whoppin' 18%! :) hehe. your cheeks were so full then and your legs had a few extra folds!

you always had so many different cute expressions within seconds of each other. mommy would snap away on the camera and would have 10 totally different photos within seconds. daddy always had so much fun looking at them too.

every day we read together. it's one of my favorite things to do with you. you used to stare at the photos, now you always turn the pages for us. mommy loves when you chuckle because you think something is funny.

you learned how to roll over, sit, crawl, pull up and walk while holding onto something. you started eating solids at 6 months and found much enjoyment in gaining ability of the pincer grasp. each day you seem to learn something new. it's exciting for mommy to see you develop each day.

there's so much more to say but mommy doesn't have time right now since your birthday party is on saturday and mommy has a few things to take care of! :)

we'll end with a few photos of some fun times you've recently had. we love you dear sophia.

at the playground. you are crawling and pulling up everywhere!

our first time at the conservatory garden in central park. :)

momma discovered something that you love to do!

we also realized that you LOVE doggies. this is shyla, the sharpae

oh, how you laughed so happily, esp when she licked your forehead!

at the brooklyn botanic gardens. to see the cherry blossoms. :)

back at the playground. you so enjoy this tic-tac-toe game.