addicted ::

it's so easy to get addicted to the etsy site and all its wonderful resources. i'm busy trying to get my name out there and looking through everyone elses wonderful sites. flipping through the promotions, the treasury and 'pounce'.

but in the meanwhile, forgetting the important things... like making the jewelry! :) thus, going back to the basics. putting away the computer for this moment and sitting down with the wires and pliers and stones and crystals. hoping to add more items soon! keep an eye out. :)


in other news::
reading philippians 4 yesterday God reminded me of 2 things.
1. rejoice in the Lord always. i will say it again. rejoice!
2. be content in whatever the circumstances.

these two really go hand in hand and it wasn't something i really considered or pondered til yesterday with the Bible in one hand and my journal in the other. i'm thankful He has motivated my heart again to search Him deeper. it's hard to fully rejoice (to have joy) and to fully be content. this society doesn't breed us in that direction and i am easily torn away from the light Jesus shines in my direction. the world is too 'beautiful' and my heart wants more of it. i guess that's why it's good to have things like His Word to bring us back.


a bike resting against a lovely wrought iron gate in the west village, nyc.


My Dear Darling said...

lol, I totally know what you mean about Etsy being addicting... and you don't get your work done. :P

Audrey said...

Between etsy and blogging I don't have time to do any crafting either!! This is crazy. You have wonderful earrings in you mini - will have to see your shop!!

Calvin Lai said...

I love the photo :)

Precious Times Gifts by Jan said...

Love the scriptures. You have a great blog...I will follow you and hope you have great prosperity in you business.