out west ::

i'm heading off to california today. for a full month! for those who know me for my etsy shop, don't worry. i'm bringing ALL my materials so i can keep handcrafting jewelry. the designs may even change slightly because of the change of environment. from chillier nyc to sunny calif. :)

why am i heading out there? well, my sister is giving birth! the first little one that will be welcomed into our family. :) EDD is 3/30 but i didn't want to head out later and chance missing the entire delivery and birth. once little jaden enters the world, you'll all see the pics!

last night i recreated my business card. i am SO IN LOVE with it. :) i think it'll still undergo some changes in the future but for now, it just so simple and pretty.

here for your viewing pleasure:

okay! gotta go catch my flight. :)

:: ::
and the winner of our Zooguu giveaway is....... angie! congrat's! the owners of zooguu have been contacted. :) thanks to all for entering and especially for those who purchased something from my shop. you really made my week as it's always so special when something you make with love is loved and wanted by another. muchas gracias!


cavitybuster said...

nice card! i like the simplicity + colors. :)

anita said...

exciting!! can't wait to see pictures... but i guess that means we won't get to see you when we're back in ny at the beginning of april =(

Calvin Lai said...

For those who haven't touched the actual business card, you should know that it also works really well with the card stock that Carollai selected.

ARTLIFE said...

i'm loving these business cards carol! oh and the new photos look great too!
heart, ellen