what's in the long? ::

it seems boys like girls with longer hair. although it doesn't make much sense to me, i don't really mind that most guys seem to conform to this mindset. what does bother me is when a guy insinuates that as girls, we ought to follow this 'rule' if we'd like to be considered attractive to the opposite sex. this bugs the heck outta me. these thoughts stem from a recent conversation that my coworkers and i had, spurred by another coworker's 8-11 inch hair chop. she looks awesome by the way! :D

on another note, the Hubby and i went to fleet week on monday. initially we were hoping to see the free tours at pier 88 (3 boats - the navy, marines and coast guard) but we were too late to wait on line so instead we went onto the Intrepid pier and got to see other really cool things! we saw a submarine (who knew they weren't yellow and that they're SO big!) with a humongous missile on it, and we toured an LSV (logistic support vessel). it was so nice to talk to the crew peeps and see that they're really nice and seemingly stable people. i don't know if most people stop and chat with these folks, but i was so curious about their lives, about what they do, where they're from, etc... they even had some games. below you'll see me playing the football game. no, i did not get it into the hole. i kept throwing it to the man standing next to the inflatable prop-up. it was still very fun! :) after a couple of hrs there, we headed to our dinner date. even though we're trying to save money, we worked very hard last weekend (with operation : revamped) and wanted to treat ourselves. we headed to a greek taverna called dafni on 42nd street. yum! kali oreste indeed.

today i uploaded some more jewelry. i love the new pieces! :D


Calvin said...

Fun times, my love. :)

Anonymous said...

i like those new earrings, lovely.

Anonymous said...

Oh man - those new earrings are beautiful!