{new items!}

this week starts my tues-sat schedule. it's sad that i need to work on sat's but i did so enjoy this first monday off. being productive on a free day makes me feel so great! today i did laundry in the a.m. and then went to work making jewelry. making jewelry absolutely frees my mind and spirit but it does take quite some time. i was only able to make 2 pieces but 2 is still more than none! so i'm happy. take a look here and if you want to see more -- head to my shop! feel free to use link to the right. :D
autumn petals . necklace $46
rain drops on roses . earrings $28


Carolyn said...

Awesome to see you featured on etsy. Can't wait to catch up with you and hear about Cabo tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I love the wirework you did on the necklace!

Calvin said...

Hooray for new pieces! :)

The Silver Dog said...

Pretty work on the necklace - very creative and I love the orange color

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. Love the colour of the necklace!