{time is precious}

so sorry i've neglected you. my friends. time is indeed so precious and suddenly i find myself with so much less of it. can you believe i haven't touched my jewelry creating in almost 3 weeks??? craziness!

it has been a very busy time. i got a job. then the husband and i went to cabo for a last minute trip before i started work. cabo was beautiful. :) it was lovely and relaxing. my very first time at an all inclusive resort. ah. :) such a simple and easy life. wake up. have a buffet breakfast. put sunblock on. go to the pool. read. sleep. sit. sweat. go in the pool. swim around. play. put more sunblock on. :) ah... quite the life.

i started my job this past monday. it's been filled with learning and new things and challenges... a little scary but important for me to just throw myself into it. and so i've tried to do just that. my coworkers are nice so that's quite the blessing.

btw... the winner of the rebeccabeersmiller handknit bracelet was selected at random. congrat's cindy! rebecca has been notified and if she hasn't already, will contact you shortly.

more to come, hopefully sooner than later. drop me a line so i know you're still here with me. :) blessings!


2Thinks said...

Beautiful pictures! So nice you had this great vacation. Congrats on your job. Go for it, big!


carollai said...

thanks heidi! :)

daer0n said...

Awesome pictures, it looks beautiful over there! Welcome back! and Congrats to the winner :)