i am so excited. earlier this week, i purchased my very first dslr. i have been eyeing these beauties for about 3 years now and always waited. when i found out i was pregnant, i realized that i really did want one of these to capture every moment with my baby gal. we started saving a camera budget and  after researching and asking around, i settled on this little 'not so little' guy. it's very exciting! 

my BIL has the nikon starter lens which he's agreed to give me so i'm very much looking forward to tomorrow evening when i not only get to see my sis and fam but also get to start taking photos with this new toy. :D oooh. i hope it's a good one!


Calvin said...

It shall be fun, my dear :)

Andy Rhee said...

That's so awesome. I'm looking to get one too! what made you choose a nikon over all the others out there?

-Andy Rhee

carollai said...

hi andy! i emailed ya since there was a lot to say! :)

Stephanie said...

SLRs are the best. You are going to love having one...especially when your little baby arrives. :)