{ barcelona, here we come! }

we're heading off to barcelona tomorrow for our babymoon! i've never been so it'll be a time of living within a different culture, tasting amazing delights and experiencing architecture and the arts. i'm so excited!

hopefully baby will cooperate and not give momma-to-be too many aches and pains since we're now at 28 weeks and continuously growing and stretching. i wonder if baby has settled into her longer term position - earlier on, she was doing acrobatics inside my tummy because she was small. but now she is much larger and i'm thinking, unable to flip and turn like before. when i see the doc next, i'm going to ask her what she thinks. baby gal is still quite the kicker and puncher which pleases momma-to-be very much since it lets me know that baby is doing a-ok inside.

my sister mailed me her compression tights for the plane ride. these suckers are so tight, i don't even know how i'll get my legs into them. but it's important to keep the circulation going, especially on this long 9 hr flight since we do not want clotting of any form. hopefully it won't be too uncomfy since the flight is so long. 

alritey, time for hubby to take some artistic shots of the growing belly! it's so round and cute - a nurse at work was reminding me to capture these moments since it'll be something i have fun looking back on. this nurse also gave birth to a 10lb baby back a year or so ago. goodness! :) baby gal will probably not be that big. momma-to-be can hope!

adios mis amigos! see you in a week!

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