baby love

the top sonogram was at 9+wks when we first saw baby dancing and the tiny grey pulsing heartbeat.

the bottom sonogram was at the 20wk anatomy scan where we saw all of baby's essential parts and were informed that baby is a girl. {we'll see for real on birth day!} her thumb is near her mouth and her legs look like skinny chicken legs. :)

tomorrow we will be heading to the first of our weekly doc appt's, get tested for group b strep, and find out baby's positioning. {oh baby, please be (and stay in) head down!}


happy birthday to the sweetest and cutest nephew ever! :) he is ONE today. time really does fly (maybe less so for my sis and BIL). but i can't believe he's already one. he's so sweet and laughs all the time... also, whines when he doesn't get what he wants or maybe when he can't express to others what he wants - but oh, how i wish we were closer so i could squeeze his cuteness and hug the chubs. everywhere he's got chubs! :) so happy birthday to you, my dear. i hope you give mommy and daddy a break today! :)


Anonymous said...

You've inspired me to frame my own ultrasound pix!! I've been wondering what to do with them aside from stare at them everyday! =P

carollai said...

aw yay! :) yea, we have a few and we had this extra frame that we wanted to put up... made sense to have baby 'pics' before baby actually arrives! :) hope you're doing well!!!