baby gained 1 lb since 12 days ago! that meant we didn't need to get induced yesterday and we can continue on with growing baby inside and just wait for natural labor to begin. at 38+ weeks, baby is estimated at 5lbs 13oz and that is a good place for us! i told my doctor that i had upped my protein intake in hopes of helping baby girl grow and she said that i shouldn't do that because it only adds onto my weight and not baby's weight since my normal nutrition is def adequate enough to feed the placenta that feeds baby. phew. :) what a relief. now i can stop trying to overeat on the protein front!

over the weekend, when we were contemplating the idea of induction and of meeting our baby girl super soon, we went from slight apprehension to eager anticipation. yesterday when we were informed of no induction (yay! definitely a good thing), a small part of my heart was disappointed that i wouldn't yet get to meet baby gal. but i know that day isn't far so i quickly bounced back and got to spend some quality time with a few friends. :D

baby is hiccuping and kicking right now so my guess is she's saying hi to you all and thanking you for praying for her, mommy-to-be, and daddy-to-be. we thank you as well. the past two weeks reminded us of the importance of being surrounded by a supportive and praying community. we love you all. :)


Calvin said...

We will meet the little pumpkin soon. :)

Cherry Blossoms said...

Not being induced is great news! Take Care of yourself!