{week 40 and 2 days - induction)

did i ever mention how much i hate roller coasters? i've never liked the up and down, the stomach jumping to throat feeling, the risk related to being thrown every which way but belted in at the chest and waist.

well, this morning was quite the roller coaster ride. first came the doctor's appt at 9.30am. baby, who has been head down since week 32 was suddenly slightly off center. it was rather concerning because after all this time of monitoring baby's small size and all, i hadn't thought abt the possibility of her head not being down and centered. thousands of thoughts ran through my mind and i had a good cry.

at 1.30pm, i had the hospital appt. this appt was to measure the baby's weight as well as have the non-stress test (NST). the sonographer did the ultrasound and the news wasn't positive. baby measured 5lbs 13oz. that's the exact same weight as 2 weeks ago. we were informed that baby could gain up to 1 lb every 2 weeks. my already completely overwhelmed emotional state began to deteriorate. one humongously good thing was that baby's head was back centered and down. the head obstetrician came to speak to me and he decided on immediate induction.

i went upstairs to the 12th floor where i signed in and waited for a labor room. during that time, i called all the necessary people and shed a few more tears. all the while praying, asking for His peace and trying to stabilize myself for the road ahead.

a room was provided by 3pm. i ate my last meal for quite some time at 3.30pm. what was it, you're wondering? boston market! i love that place and we, fortunately have one very close to the hospital. :) cervidil, the induction medication was given at 5.50pm. now we're just waiting and praying for labor to begin. cervidil will stay in for 12 hrs and if labor progresses, i can labor and have baby. if cervidil doesn't do anything after 12 hrs, pitocin will be administered. we really really don't want to go there if possible, so please pray with us that the cervidil will do the trick and that labor will begin on its own.

according to the monitors, i am contracting but it doesn't really hurt so i'm guessing they're still braxton hicks contractions. they are rather consistent though so we can think positive thoughts that it is the start of real labor.

please pray with us.
1. baby is safe and healthy. we're not sure why she didn't gain weight. the sonographers measurements are likely off so we just pray for God's hand to be over baby and for baby to be well developed and without any problems.
2. for the cervidil to work and for labor to begin as we hope to avoid the crazy induction drug called pitocin.
3. peace in our hearts and spirits. God's plan is perfect - but it's still hard at times to let go of everything we've hoped for and desired. for our faith to be strengthened through all of this.
4. that baby's head would remain down and centered as we'll need that if any pushing is to occur.
5. for the doctor's and nurses we encounter. that they would see our love for Jesus and that we could show them this love. also that they would genuinely care about us and try to give us their highest level of care. that they would know what they're doing and not jump to do anything rash.

thank you all for your prayers! as always, we know how powerful your prayers are and appreciate them.

oh btw... i'm feeling much better emotionally. i think throughout the day God really granted me some peace and stability of mind. thank goodness. now i'm not tearing at every second!


Shauna said...

loving prayers for your whole family, especially the sweet little one. all will be fine, because you're all in His hands! blessings!!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Prayers for you!