my jacked up dislocated pinky

football is so fun. less fun is dislocating my finger while playing football. it happened yesterday while i was rushing the QB. i was trying to grab his flag and my poor little pinky got stuck in his pocket. and then there was some twisting and some pain. i remember looking at my hand wondering why it was hurting so much. and then i saw my finger stuck in an abnormal position. fortunately for me there's a doctor on our team. she's a dermatologist but managed to make me believe she knew what she was about to do to my dislocated finger. i braced myself for the pain that is putting a dislocated joint back into its socket but was pleasantly surprised. i felt the clicking but that's about it. i think it was semi-numb because of the initial pain as well as the adrenaline rushing through me.

i always heard people say that if something is dislocated, it'll feel much better (and like normal) after it's popped back into place. is that true? because my finger certainly does not feel normal. it's swollen, bruised, and ugly. i didn't know i was so vain when it came to my fingers. :P i'll find out on friday if anything is torn or fractured as i'm going to see my hand doc then. our tournament is saturday... oh, how i hope i can play.

aside from disliking not being 100%, it's actually really hard to take care of sophia without having full finger capabilities. even in a splint, i notice myself wincing when i pick her up and tend to her needs. ah. the joys of getting older. when i tore my ligament in my ring finger a couple of years ago, i asked the hand doc why it tore this time when on numerous occasions while playing football, my fingers have jammed. he answered that once you hit 30, nothing is the same. man... that was the year i turned 30. i guess at 32, a dislocated finger is to be expected.


Calvin said...

'Tis no fun having a jacked up dislocated pinky. But you made it sound kinda funny. :P

jonyangorg said...

My finger's all jacked up too! All summer long I've been wearing a splint and it's been interesting relearning how to do certain things like type and video games. I can't wait to take the splint off! Hope your finger feels better.