making baby food

when i was pregnant, i totally thought i would make baby's food. after a few months of life with baby, i began to think there was no way i'd have the time or energy to make her food so i got a few jars of earth's best. it's organic and not overly pricey. this seemed easiest.

then we got our last CSA (community supported agriculture) share and a beautiful butternut squash was in that share. earth's best doesn't make butternut squash in the starter veggie pack and i LOVE butternut squash so i figured i'd try my hand at making it for her. it was so easy and if i do say so myself, so very tasty. :D best of all and most rewarding, sophia loved it. this motivates me to make her more food.


Celeste Jean said...

what an awesome baby food making system... the blender and storage containers. Love those.

Stephanie said...

She is so SWEET - and your butternut squash baby food looks delicious! I think *I* might eat it too. ;)


Colleen said...

Looks delicious.
That's good for the babies.
vegetables makes baby strong.

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