i'm so confused. what happened to my daughter who loves to sleep? after a week of sleeping terribly, i thought sophia wanted to transition to 1 nap. we started fresh today by going out for a nice walk to the playground and i brought her back around 11 ready to implement this new plan. she seemed plenty tired but when i placed her into her crib at 11.40am (that's nearly 5 hrs of wake time which is not her norm), she did not go to sleep.

first she talked to herself and cried a little, then she sat up and scaled the crib bars. suddenly, she fell backwards and i heard the *thunk* of her head hitting the mattress and then some more cries. she proceeded to get up and is now half mumbling and half crying while up on her knees.

WHAT IS GOING ON? it's so frustrating to watch an extremely tired baby girl not go to sleep. it's also so frustrating to not know how to help her.


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Carolina ArĂȘas said...

Your Sophia is really cute. You deserve all the happiness!!