Happy 4th birthday!

Sweet SP. You turned 4 today! Time has felt both fast and slow. This past year had some of the most challenging moments {in terms of managing your misbehavior and disobedience} and thankfully we have made it up to the top of the hill and are coming back down. 

In hindsight I know that the entrance of the little guy was so difficult for you and I wish I had been able to make it easier for you. To support you in your sadness and to build you up so you knew that whoever entered our family, you would not be lost or replaced. We are each so special because we are each a gift from God. 

{top frame: annual watching of your entrance into the world where you asked, "why am I all red when I come out?" Good question love.}
{bottom frame: (left) you are a month there. (right) a week before you turned 4.}

Despite the challenges we have had plenty of fun. You have such a zest for life and truly enjoy spending time with your aunties, uncles and friends. This is quite an answered prayer as we often pray for you to have a great love for Jesus and His people. 

You talk so much now (and so fast: you're a true New Yorker!) and your current favorite thing to talk about is anything related to Anna and Elsa! These are characters from the Disney movie Frozen. For your birthday we got you a book. You haven't put it down since you opened it. I love that about you. You cherish things and take care of them. 

Today we went to a nearby block party. You enjoyed bouncing in a bouncy house, getting a face paint of a butterfly princess, eating a hot dog, and playing a carnival game. I love that you have so much energy inside- you have been made just as you are by our great Creator and I'm certain you will do wonderful things for His glory. 

I love you baby girl! Thank you for this adventurous journey! 

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