congratulations to the 6 o'clock stitch! you've won the dozi giveaway! dozi will be contacting you shortly to obtain your physical address so she can mail you your winning item. :)

being out in calif has been enjoyable because i get to see my sister and BIL each evening. my mom is also in town and my dad is coming on friday. we're all anticipating the coming of my nephew and the first next generation baby of our family. :) i got to see an ultrasound today for the first time and it's pretty interesting to see the head, belly and even skeletal frame of the little fella. he's at a hefty 8lbs 5ounces with a few more days to go before even hitting the EDD. i think my sis has made for him quite the happy home so he's not feeling the need to enter the real world. smart fella already!

creativity-wise, it has been a bit rough. perhaps it's because i'm not in my own environment and/or because i am in need of some new semi-precious stones, swarovski crystals and gemstones but i'm feeling a smidge stuck. each day i sit before my supplies, begin making different items and then rarely upload them because i'm not fully satisfied. i'm working on getting more supplies and getting my butt into gear, so definitely check back soon.

on a higher note, the vintage rose earrings were made one week ago on my first night in calif. they're one of my current favorites because of the different technique required to make the hoop. i had to work at it for quite some time but was so happy with the outcome!

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the 6 o'clock stitch said...

Thank you so much!!! I hope you have a wonderful week.

Calvin Lai said...

Vintage Rose is one of my favorites too. But I also like Take Me to the Opera earrings which bears some similarities. :)