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baby is still too comfy inside my sis' belly. she's at 39 weeks and 4 days. according to the doc's calculations, he is currently measuring at 8lbs 5ounces. wow! he's going to be a hefty little fella. :) we've been walking a bunch hoping gravity will do its job.

we headed to huntington library last weekend and saw a humongous selection of beautiful flowers and greenery. it reminded me of the brooklyn botanic garden and i was quite happy to be with mother earth.

i've added a new product to my etsy shop. bracelets! i realized that though i love earrings, i'm not really marketing out to those who may not have pierced ears... so, after getting some suggestions, i've decided to bring in the bracelets. i also intend to make more necklaces so that the earrings to necklaces and bracelets ratio is more balanced. check out my etsy shop to see these and other new items.


cavitybuster said...

the shapes + colors work really well together w/this entry! nice bracelets! i like the simplicity of all your work.

Anonymous said...

The flower pictures are beautiful and the bracelets are so sweet.

Brandon said...

your bracelets are very sweet. Good luck!
nice blog too!