happy etsy day . celebration giveaway!!! ::

today is ETSY day! our lovely place for all things handmade. in celebration, i'm providing a giveaway via, that's right, my etsy shop. woohoo!!! yeep! just tell me what your favorite feature on etsy is and why and make sure to leave your contact info. the winner will be picked at random! giveaway ends tonight at 11.59pm EST.

oh yes... but what is the great prize, you ask? i shall be giving away a $25 gift certificate to anything in my fanciful little shop. you say that's amazing! i concur. :) ready, set.... go!


KnockKnocking said...

Feature? Well I love the forums, since they are a wonderful way to connect with everyone on Etsy. :) Love your shop BTW.



Jessica said...

i like the spotlights in the forums. they are a "highlight" on something/someone and usually offer good advice, useful tips and encouraging stories.

jessica (jesster@gmail.com)

Grace said...

hi! i really like your products! i found you through links from anita's blog.


sheepi83 said...

I love that Etsy itself is an awesome place to showcase people's talents. There is such a wide variety of products out there and Etsy makes it easy to search for.

jmyen at yahoo dot com

Patty said...

your stuff is so pretty, carol!! :) i like how you can search in etsy by local vendors. it's a cool way to promote those artisans in our 'hood. i also like the 'pounce' feature, b/c it'll bring up stuff you wouldn't have searched for otherwise.


SarCraw said...

This may sound really simple but I like on etsy that you can favorite a shop or item because often I see amazing things I can't order right then but want to come back to. So I just appreciate being able to click on "Favorites" and see everything I saved!


Jen said...

I honestly have to say that my favorite part of etsy is meeting the other sellers. You guys are all fantastic!!!
-10oneworld and SedonaShots on Etsy

Samcalam said...

I LOVE the Saturday Night Sales and the Forums so much info I am an Etsy addict!!!


Cherry Tart Design said...

While I love the forums, I really love playing with pounce. I've found so many great sellers that way and it's always fun to see what's just sold.

Shannon said...

Happy Etsy Day. What a generous giveaway! My favorite feature on Etsy is the front page treasuries. I love finding new shops and items that I never would have thought to search for (like the terrariums that were up earlier today).

The Pink Cat said...

Happy Etsy Day!

My favorite has to be treasuries- artists supporting and promoting artists :)

I'm lechatrose on etsy!