for your eyes ::

it's so exciting when i make numerous pretty jewelry and finish the process of taking the pics, coming up with cleverly fitting names, and uploading everything to my etsy shop. for your eyes... here are some new items. go to my shop to see more.

do you watch biggest loser? i'm a loyal fan. it's such a great show with purpose and meaning. helping those that are immensely overweight get into shape and learn how to eat more nutritiously and exercise properly. i just love it. today was their last challenge. what did they have to do? run the MARATHON!!! how crazy/exciting/intimidating... they all did it. 2 ran and 2 walked. truly, 17 weeks ago, none of them would've dreamed of even running or walking 1 mile. and after todays show, they did 26.2. i am so inspired. :)

so inspired that i applied for the NYC marathon. not that i'll get into it via the lottery but if i do, i'm doing it. :) i ran the san diego marathon in 2004. it had been hard and that was after and with lots of training. filled with discipline. we'll see how this time goes... if i do get in, i'd like to train with TNT (the leukemia and lymphoma society) again but we'll see. i love doing things for a cause so simply running it may not be as enjoyable.

this potential new venture is quite exciting!


Calvin said...

'Twas very inspiring indeed watching them finish the marathon. :)

Marbella Designs said...

beautiful new pieces!
good luck to you if you get to run the marathon, i admire those who dedicate themselves to this, awesome.

Frenchell said...

good luck if you do the marathon, that sounds intense! lovely pieces!