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love mom! last week to buy 2 or more and save 10% off entire purchase! :) details at my etsy shop.

some days i have so much to say (but no time to update) and then other days i feel so blocked. mind blocked, i guess. today is one of those days but i've been gone too long and want everyone to know that i'm still here!

saturday was date day for the hubby and i since these days it seems we spend QT with other friends more than we do with each other. we headed to the brooklyn botanic garden to catch the last glimpse of the cherry blossoms. even a smidge post peak, they are scrumptious fluffy pink fellas. :) after maneuvering through flower filled paths, as is tradition, we headed to my favorite oxtail stew joint 3 blocks away. i used to intern in the crown heights area and found this great hole-in-the-wall serving oxtail stew and other jamaican delights. mmm.

in the evening, we saw the movie Adventureland. have you heard of it? i never had til i read the rotten tomatoes *high* review. :) rotten tomatoes is usually accurate and kips bay was playing it so our amc silver pass came into use. $6.50 or so for the amc pass sure beats the $12+ it is to see a movie these days.

i'm donating 5 pieces of jewelry to the spring benefit for the private school i work at. they want to raise money and i want to gain exposure. :) hopefully people will like what they see and will check out my etsy shop. it's been interesting finding little ways to get my name out there. marketing is so important as i am just one little fishy in this great big sea of handmade arts. everybody has such unique things - i really wish there was a way for all of us to be readily found and seen.

my nephew continues to grow and is as cute as ever. since i've been back i haven't *seen* him but these photos definitely warmed my heart. :D


Marbella Designs said...

beautiful photos, love spring!
your nephew is so cute!

Calvin said...

I love the photos honey!